Enter the Evil Queen


You are in for a treat today. This is Fredegundis or gunda, Today she is known as Fredegonde. The bad bad, cruel, mean, evil Fredegonde. She is probably the original prototype of Snow White Queen, and in my story she is cast as can be expected as the Villain.

As you have been good, this is an original post. And tumblr will be served after you!

Fredegunda started low, as low as can be in the Merovingian times. A slave, a servant.  was ambitious…

Firstly she started bedding her owner’s son. Then becoming a concubine to  Chilperic, who was himself the son of a concubine who has been smart enough to give a son to Chlothar.

Except for Clovis who had married a true princess: Chlothildis of Burgundy, the boys had a tendency to get cozy with maids, slaves , servants. Because a kingly father-in-law is harder to quiet down than an inferior. Chlothar, Clovis’s surviving son (what are little murders in one’s fanmily…but simple peccadilloes) had married six or seven wives, including two sisters hopefully not at the same time.

And fallen in love with Radegunda, a Thuringian princess after killing her father and her brothers and her family (he probably did not like his in-laws). Radegunga left him and found peace in a monastery. Being dumped by one’s wife was something quite unexpected for Chlothar. Yet he bore her no ill will. Knowing his very limited patience for nonsense, one can write 1500 years later and having no way to know the individuals: he was head over heels in love with her.

Anyhow, you get the point: one Frankish prince, numerous maidens, and countless children. If they survived infancy. Chilperic was not the oldest of Chlothar’s brood. There were Charibert, Gunthramm. Sighebert and the bastard Chramm. Chramm rebelled against his father. A mistake he would not repeat.

Tired of of this ancillary nonsense, Charibert married Ingoberga, daughter of a patrician family. Gunthramm emulated with the daughter of a similar ranking Burgundian family. Chilperic busied himself with his mistress. When Sighebert woos successfully the eldest daughter of the Wisigothic King. Brunehildis. Charibert has already divorced/repudiated his wife who has given him a daughter. Gunthramm has done the same. Wives of noble extraction have brothers who can be unpleasant when one visits too often one’s servant. Slaves on the other hand are thankful…

Yet Sighebert has married into royalty. Chilperic will do the same and marries Galswinthe, Brunehildis’s sister. End od the story.

Fredegunda. you remember? In the matter of a few years she is responsible for Galswinthe and Sighebert’s death, she is also responsible for the death of Chliperic’s previous lover  and all the children he had through this woman. She will order the assassination of one or two bishops. The scene shows her having the cheek to visit one of her victim who is ailing (not for long).

God must have been angry, all her children die. No children? She is getting older but manages to give again a son to Chilperic. Lucky her. Lucky because said child is barely six months old when Chilperic dies.

Many did suspect and will suspect the bairn is not from his official father. Gunthramm will doubt it… Yet, this little boy will one day unite all the Frankish realms under his hand. Chlothar the Second is a man his ancestor Clovis approves of.

Maybe having a murderous mom helps.

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