History is for lovers


History teachers…Yes teachers. Then why these kidnappers. By the way, this is a rather impractical way to carry a reluctant captive. Today, you are being giving a treat. A few videos with energetic rythm and for once lyrics which make historical sense.

History teachers. Enjoy; watch and listen.

Real teachers. Devoting their free time at making History attracting, young, funny and smart.

Such luminaries video clips must be remembered. Go and visit their website, their motto says it all: History for music lovers. No cheat. And History rhymes with a decidely modern tempo.

As per this blog’s fascination toward the mis-understood period which followed the Fall of Rome:

The Vikings – They brought an end to the Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. 793AD


Beowulf – a masterpiece in litterature written or rather firstly told about the days of Ad Gefrin. 633AD


Charlemagne – His father ended the Merovingian twilight. 751AD


Illuminated Manuscripts : Lindisfarne Gospel & book of Kells. Frankish script. 700AD


Empress Theodora. Died in 548AD


Attila the Hun. Defeated at the Cataulanian plains. 451AD


Constantine the Great. First converted & baptised Emperor on his deathbed. 337AD


Who said the Dark Ages could not hype you up?
Hoping the web links work…

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