The Elusive Missing Link between the Germanic Pantheon and the Norse Gods


If we do not have much information on Germanic Gods, we have about an empty closet where it comes to Pre-Roman Celtic Gods and how they evolved during the Pagan centuries of the Romanitas. When Rome converted so did Gaul and Britain.

Britain has as far as we know no written records of what happened in the intellectual conflicy between a native celto-romano-christian society and pagan invaders… except rare comments from Bede.

On the other hand, er have numerous tantalazing snippets from Latinized Gaul and how it managed to convert with a bare 100 years the pagan Franks and … ‘it all ended up well’. We have many archaeological finds. Thus iconography and we have Tacitus.

Forgive this long introduction but it is relevant. I suspect that over the millenia which led the Bronze Age Celts to the frontal confrontation with the Romano-Greek pantheon: things were fluid. Rome worshipped Jove, Germany a proto-Woden and Gaul somrething in betweem which could be understood by Romans and Germanic people.

Tacitus describes in Germania the importance of a Mercury type Divinity. Gauls worshiped Lug/Lugos. This triune God has Ravens on some statuary. (and I will not dare to comment on Lug as seen in Spain and Wales!). He could be young and handsome…Loki , he could be old Woden? He gave arts to humans, protected travellers and trade. Some academics see him as a magician.

I think that more research needs to be done about this mysterious God who has much in common with Odin and Loki. Faiths evolve over centuries. What becomes frozen in time like Language for exemple is bound to die at one point.

It is possible that over 500, 700 years (Two famous Celtic chieftains named Brennos caused quite a steer in Rome and Delphi in the 300, 400 BC – so we know there was some interaction between Romans and Celts) a triune God who united Odin, Loki and ? Thor evolved into three separate beings. Lug has too much in common with Loki and Odin not to be the one and the same.

Lug seems to fit the curriculum of both Gods and in its triune iconography, he seems to offer a Divine Being who does not enough enough eyes to satisfy each aspect of his triple nature. Was Lug a proto Woden who assocoated Loki and ?. Celts were not adressed to threesome. Taranis was their God of Thunder, Sounds like Thor and Donar. Taranis was associated with Esus and Teutates.

Maybe somewhere in the treasure chest of Irish and Welsh legends, hides the answer we all have been looking for!

Maybe ravens should be seen as the sign that Gods often forgotten and mostly unseen are never really gone.

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